Dammit, I’m Gonna Get This Embedding Thing to Work Again

Let’s try it on the most powerful ending of a speech ever, and such a prophetic message.  He advocated peace so he got shot, yeah that makes a lot of sense.  Here, let’s see, YouTube and WordPress and my slow connection, can you show a picture here?

So that time it worked–can it be as simple as I needed to hit enter a couple, three times, then go back up one or two lines, then try to embed?  Or is it my satellite internet that is sometimes more special-needs than my dialup was?  Who knows?  I do know that I had saved this end-of-Martin’s-last-speech before, and it was “disabled by request”, which is utterly asinine, because Martin Luther King most fucking decidedly belongs to the world and his views and speeches are never to be played keepaway with, dumb fucks.

Did I forget to say dumbfucks?

For those silenced in the 60s, for my sis, for anyone gone too early (I’d like to put the video up here with Patty Loveless and Ricky Scaggs joining in, but there’d be ads there, I bet, so here’s Vince Gill while we’re having success):

Is it really as simple as that I needed blank white space before and after the place I wanted to embed?  Really?  Then there’s blank space in the programmer’s brains, I’d say.  Whatever; if it works, it works.

Since I mentioned Patty, here’s her and Ralph Stanley, singing about Pretty Polly who foolishly “went and got herself pregnant” (can Patty hold a note or what?):

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8 Responses to Dammit, I’m Gonna Get This Embedding Thing to Work Again

  1. Mrs Fever says:

    I don’t know how to embed videos. 😦 And I really, Really, REALLY want to show my readers (all five of them) something I found last week. It stars Kermit as Sir Croaks-a-lot, and it’s way kewl.

    But I’m kind of allergic to technology. I’ve tried and tried, and it never works. Sigh…

    • Gregoryno6 says:

      Normally WP blogs will need only the url address from the top panel in your browser. Copy, paste, and when you preview you should see the clip there.
      Sometimes it doesn’t work. For whatever reason. Maybe you didn’t have your mouth set at the right angle, maybe the tide was out… if that happens, look for the Share button underneath the clip on Youtube. Click that, copy the url that appears and paste.
      Hope this helps.

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