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Dammit, I’m Gonna Get This Embedding Thing to Work Again

Let’s try it on the most powerful ending of a speech ever, and such a prophetic message.  He advocated peace so he got shot, yeah that makes a lot of sense.  Here, let’s see, YouTube and WordPress and my slow … Continue reading

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This Must Be Stopped (A Poetic Challenge For You)

I dreamed the first line of this poem.  I woke up a few nights ago, after an hour and a half of sleep, to the sound of a sick train whistle, about 2 miles away in the center of town.  … Continue reading

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Why I Actually Write

Before I start, I just wanted to mention that, after seeing a clip of a movie from the ’80s with teen Jennifer Connelly in it, I recalled how nicely she grew up after that.  In 1986 it would have been … Continue reading

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Random Plus Dear TTD

Fun search terms that have gotten me new visitors: –Fat girl lets out a load of crap –when is warthog day –madeleine stowe depression –alice the beer drinking truck driving psychic –norwegians are stupid ———————— Junk email: –“Dissolute pussycats that … Continue reading

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Why I Write

Because it gets me up off the couch, it’s the only thing besides loving my kid that I do really well, and we should leave something for the future besides memories and dust. ——————– (a Trifextra thing–33 words on why … Continue reading

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