Not Quite a 10

At long last, he met her
Pretty, smart, kind,
It wasn’t till the honeymoon
That the madness appeared
She stabbed him in the heart,
She wanted to see his blood in the moonlight.


Well, that’s for that Trifecta Trifextra thing again, because I can’t come up with any writing ideas of my own, and because I’m in a funk, and because I suck, and because my car is pissing me off, and because of a bunch of other crap.  They wanted 3 wishes that didn’t really turn out the way you wanted them to.  Those are the three things I’d like a woman to be: pretty (a relative term–not ugly would be fine), smart and kind.  But I believe love is for family and friends and pets, not something that really happens between men and women, except in romance novels.

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14 Responses to Not Quite a 10

  1. karen says:

    It is the crazy ones who’ll get you in the end, right? They’ll sneak up on you and … ka-pow!

    Sorry to hear you are out of sorts, that your car is misbehaving and other stuff. I’m only producing Trifectas right now (and just barely eeking them out) for much the same, though different of course, reasons.

  2. Gina says:

    I sometimes wonder if people really “know” who they are marrying when they are enveloped in blinding love. Very black story but gets you thinking. Love the title. Sorry for your troubles but do you really believe that? About men and women?

    • I believe it’s there for some people, just like some are blessed with good health and a long life, and some aren’t. I’ll believe in love for me if and when I ever see it. So, if romantic love doesn’t happen for me, I refuse to believe in it at all.

  3. Lumdog says:

    Not quite a 10, huh? How about a minus bazillion? Ok, she had some redeeming qualities, but I think the guy misjudged in the kindness department. I’ve made that mistake before but, at least it wasn’t fatal. Great take on the prompt. Lots of food for thought.

    • Though it really had nothing to do with this, somehow the “Revenge” episode of “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” (I’ve only seen the 80’s one with Linda Purl), where she claims that every man she sees is the man who raped her, inspired this in me. Her husband was just the instrument of her insanity in that show. I wouldn’t want to personally encounter a woman that unhinged, but they sure are interesting.

  4. Draug says:

    Sounds like a great gal! If only she could curb that bloodlust…

  5. What you put out, you get reflected back to you. That’s why I have such lousy relationships! But at least the car’s something you can work with!

    • I always respect you and your opinions, but I don’t always agree with that. It’s sour grapes, I know, but I kind of agree with Kid Rock on his (maybe only good song that isn’t a duet with Sheryl Crow) “Only God Knows Why” that says that “you get out what you put in, still I ain’t seen mine…I’ve been givin’ just ain’t been gettin.” I would say that you, I, and a lot of other good folks have put a lot of love out to the world at times and gotten pooped on in romance in return. I don’t put out any kind of “game” to the world in the area of seduction, but it creeps me out to do that. ‘Course in the world of seduction there’s not a whole bunch of opportunity for older folk like me sometimes, except maybe church or some other nerdy activity. Car’s okay for now, I guess; I just had too much money in my checking account apparently, which is usually the problem when cars go bad.

  6. gene3067 says:

    You’re not alone. Lot’s of people seem to be in funks right now. Using Trifecta to get the funk out is a great idea. I loved this short. If you were careful you might be able to hire her out during hunting season to clean the deer harvest.

  7. Gregoryno6 says:

    For years my mother’s told me the story of how she and my father had to get married in a hurry because she thought she was pregnant. Well, they wed at the end of 1958 and I didn’t come along until early 1961 – but that’s another story. Helping her move stuff in her house last time I was over that side of the country, I found a wedding photo I hadn’t seen before. Father was being the gentleman and holding the car door open for Mother, still in her wedding dress… and she’s casting this smirky little glance over her shoulder.
    Whatever she thought she’d caught, Dad certainly wasn’t it.

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