I Hate When I Forget Things

I forgot to write this down, so it didn’t get in the last random post, but it belonged there:  That freako-goonball in Colorado, who shot all those people at the Batman movie?  There was a story recently where they say he looked “starkly different”, simply because he had “tousled orange hair” one time and short brown hair the next.  Um, no, dumb fucks, he didn’t look different at all; he looked like the same totally fucking nutso completely insane person with crazy eyes in both pictures, with a different haircut is all.  That’s not “starkly different”.  Ted Bundy looked “starkly different” in a lot of his pictures.  He looked like the average Joe, or the goody-two-shoes Republican boy next door, in a lot of pics, sometimes he’d look a little scruffy, and sometimes they would catch him with the mask down, and he would look like the possessed demon-thing he was.  This James Holmes guy, though, he just looks nutty all the time.  No difference.  News people are mostly dumb.

That’s all for now, thanks.

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8 Responses to I Hate When I Forget Things

  1. Averil Dean says:

    News people ARE mostly dumb. Even the smart ones. I’ve taken to getting my news from Stewart/Colbert—it’s the closest thing I have found to sensible reporting.

  2. Mrs Fever says:

    “News people are mostly dumb.”

    I second (third?) that notion.

  3. PEOPLE are mostly dumb. That said, if someone changes their haircut or even their tie, I tend to forget what they looked like before, and not recognise them.

  4. They’ll find a thousand ways to fabricate something newsworthy. The scariest thing, they believe their own hype. I’m with Averil. Only comedians understand what they’re talking about.

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