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Somebody Loan Me a Mobile Phone

Whassup? Have you ever wanted to go back and say some smartass thing to someone, some witty retort or timely putdown?  I surely have.  Like the time some guy honked at me in front of the convenience store to move … Continue reading

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Not Quite a 10

At long last, he met her Pretty, smart, kind, It wasn’t till the honeymoon That the madness appeared She stabbed him in the heart, She wanted to see his blood in the moonlight. ———————————– Well, that’s for that Trifecta Trifextra … Continue reading

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Two Ships

He stood at the voting booth with a chagrined look on his ruggedly handsome, weathered, face.  He snuck a look at the woman standing at the next booth–a fit woman with a face that was nice but didn’t just knock you … Continue reading

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I Hate When I Forget Things

I forgot to write this down, so it didn’t get in the last random post, but it belonged there:  That freako-goonball in Colorado, who shot all those people at the Batman movie?  There was a story recently where they say … Continue reading

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