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Originally posted on H.E. ELLIS:
Somebody pinch me because I must be dreaming. It seems our very first F*CKED UP FAIRY TALE has come in! Thanks to my ever trashy but always wise blogmate Kevin Jorenby of  TRAILERTRASHDELUXE fame,…

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True Bliss

Ever have a sinus infection?  What a big ball of fun that is.  I think I’ve had one for a good six weeks, maybe all summer actually, with a cold mixed in somewhere lately.  Some folks say you can’t get … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts Sept. 9, 2012

–Main observation from watching some “Resident Evil”:  I wouldn’t want Milla Jovovich to be mad at me, unless we had some “make-up zombie-killer sex”, which I would speculate would be fairly athletic.  And her cohort Ali Larter: do her friends … Continue reading

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I Can’t Help It

Trifecta’s weekend Trifextra challenge wants 33 more words to follow the initial 33 words they are giving us.  Their 33 words are in italic; my 33 words are evil: The last strains of sunlight lingered in the corners, grasping every available … Continue reading

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I’m Sick to Death of Not Writing P**N

(Sorry, about that; I try never to be afraid of writing anything, but I’m trying to keep the number of spam visitors down to a dull roar, so the word that rhymes with “Corn” will not be allowed here.  Oh, by … Continue reading

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