Why Did I Do That?

Why did I give her my blog address?  Was it because of that time, back in the dishwashing room at the college cafeteria, when I’d loudly announced “I’m a writer”, and the only girl on the crew had asked, “Oh, yeah, what have you written?”  I hadn’t really written anything yet; I was merely an English major, with a partying minor.  I didn’t know how to answer her, but I knew how to shut up.

I DID have the courage to actually say “Hi” to the woman at the bar; she smiled and said “Hi” back to me.  We started talking; I could tell she had a brain, though, like me, she worked at a grunt job.

“So what do you do for hobbies?”, I asked (wow, was I on a roll–a complete sentence, inviting her to talk about herself).

“I read a lot, and I’m trying to write a mystery book, about a woman who may or may not be a serial killer, but a good one, you know, who gets rid of creepy people.  Not a female Dexter, not that gory.  She’s being chased by a detective who isn’t sure if he wants to put her away or start a fan club.  But it’s slow going.”

“Wow, that’s crazy; I’ve been sketching out a similar book in my head, with a guy who may be a serial-killer-for-good, but so far it’s a mental outline, is all.  But for now, I just write some stories and such on my blog.”

So we talked on, smiled a lot, swapped blog addresses, cell numbers, and a little bit of spit.  She was from the next town, her ride was leaving, and I was too drunk to give her a ride, so we agreed on a date.

I received a text the next afternoon.  “Had a nice time talking to you, but your early blog stuff, it kinda makes you sound like a misogynistic dinosaur.  So maybe another time, okay?”


This is another entry for Trifecta.  Their writing prompt of “dinosaur”, as in outdated or outmoded, prompted this story, but I nearly forgot to include the word itself. 

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13 Responses to Why Did I Do That?

  1. I’ve felt this way myself after giving my blog addy to someone IRL. There’s something about online life that doesn’t translate well to the real world. Still? Cold.
    Thanks for linking up. Be sure to come on back tomorrow for the new challenge.

    • Couldn’t agree more, Trifecta. I won’t give it out now unless it’s a friend who reads a LOT, who has somewhat of my sense of humor, who I think won’t look at me funny for writing a blog…..

  2. Lumdog says:

    Change the early blog stuff to third person!! Great story. Well written!

  3. Really? Or just a story. Cause that’s happened to me – people have looked shifty and melted into the crowd (email-y speaking).

  4. Gina says:

    Awwwwww! That stinks and cold is right. Maybe real life people don’t get the online writing world. It’s them not you. Don’t worry about it.

    • I can envision this happening, though if I did find someone who I instantly hit it off with and who also liked to write, I think she would enjoy the newer stuff and just laugh off anything that was cringeworthy. Thanks for reading, Gina.

  5. Linda Vernon says:

    Love this. The first sentence pulled me right in. I was with you all the way! At first I thought it might be true until I read dinosaur. HA! I especially liked: swapped blog addresses, cell numbers, and a little bit of spit

    • Thanks, Linda; that was my favorite part too. I’ve always hated some terms for “people getting together” (the term “bumping uglies” should be banned for life), but I’ve always liked “swappin’ spit” for some reason.

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