Yep, I’m A Loser

Not romancing some troublesome bitch on a Saturday evening.  Instead getting ready to cook a late supper and listening to two of the most well-crafted pop songs ever.  If anyone sang a line better than Lulu did with “That’s a lot to learn” from “To Sir With Love”, I’d like to hear it.  And “Enter Sandman” by Metallica is an incredibly polished pop song, though of course it would be considered metal (I think even hardcore metalists would allow them to be called metal, perhaps grandfather them into it, though I’m not a big metal fan, so what the fuck do I know?  They probably are grandfathers by now.  Most people have kids before they’re 48 and three quarters) more than pop, duh.  But, yeah, it’s got a great beginning, middle, and end, and a great hook and you can dance to it; I’d give it a 97.

To Sir With Love (yep, played it here before; nope, don’t care):

Metallica Enter Sandman (have a nice weekend, y’all; I don’t have to go back to work till Wednesday, if I’m in the mood, that is):

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4 Responses to Yep, I’m A Loser

  1. babedarla says:

    Love “To Sir With Love” Just can’t help but remember it coming out of tinny drive-in speakers when I was just a young thing…

  2. mrsfever says:

    It’s just the beasts under your bed/In your closet/In your head

    Love, Love, LOVE the Metallica black album. I still have it. On cassette, no less.

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