The End

It was a struggle to strangle such a fat neck, but I was up to the challenge.  Big house, beautiful wife, his property no more.  His dog barked.  I should get a dog.


Trifecta wanted 33 words for the end of a book or story.  So here.  I have comment replies I need to catch up on and blog-reading I need to catch up on, but I will someday soon, I hope.  Hey, I cleaned the bathroom, though.  Well, most of it; a bathtub is a whole different animal, isn’t it?  And my daughter and I have gone swimming about 483 times this summer.  Summer goes by too soon, doesn’t it?  But we had one this year.  No winter last winter, but we definitely have a summer.  Winter can suck it anyway.

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10 Responses to The End

  1. lumdog says:

    After having done this deed, the only thing he wants is a dog? This seems like a very dramatic ending to a story about a very strange guy. This reminds me of a joke, but it too long to tell here. Nice work.

    • In some stories, I like to have the end (the very last words) to be something totally dramatic that surprises the reader, but in others, and probably ever if actually do a book, I think it’s best to end with some dramatic thing, then let the reader sort of unwind with some observation, like “the eastern sky came ablaze with the morning sun” or “His dog barked. I should get a dog.”, which has nothing to do with the story but lets the reader unwind. Or something like that.

      • lumdog says:

        I wasn’t questioning your writing of the ending, which I thought was great. I was seeing the humor in what the character saw was his goal, after having done such a dramatic thing. I tend to see humor in almost any situation, so I may have missed the boat. I’ve enjoyed reading your stuff.

        • That’s fine–seems like you got it just right. I just feel like explaining things sometimes in my comment replies, whether the commenter has actually “gone there” or not, stuff I might’ve wanted to say in the blogpost had I thought of it earlier.

  2. It sounds like that dog is in need of a new home. Maybe he will get a dog sooner than he thinks. Thanks for playing along with us again this week. Please come on back for the new challenge tomorrow.

  3. This is cool. I like your style!

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