The Pen

The same pen, that he used to write the whore’s name over and over again, made a great weapon to stab him in his cheating eye and to write her suicide note with.


Trifecta wanted 33 words on 3 different uses for the same object.  Apologies to the entrant who already used a pen as the object in their entry, but, you know, the pen is mightier than the sword at telling multiple tales, so there.

(As a spammer grammar-nazi might point out, please to knowing that a suicide note can be considered a weapon in itself, or it could be a great wound opened in a family or group of friends, so then a pen-as-suicide-note-writing-instrument would be a weapon.  So again, there.)

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16 Responses to The Pen

  1. Lumdog says:

    While a pen, a corkscrew and a key have been the weopons of choice this weekend, the object of all of these penetrating instuments have been, interestingly, the eye. I suppose it is a particularly vulnerable point of entry, and likely very painful. Which was probably the desired and deserved effect in your well crafted story. Nice job.

    • Lumdog says:

      Sorry, typo. “…has been…”

    • Thank you, Lumdog. I suppose the eye is a more personal point of entry, plus it was a great moment in “Terminator 2” when the security guard was looking at the bottom of his vending machine cup to see if he had a good poker hand, then the bad guy came up out of the floor and stabbed him in the eye. So I always wanted to use it in a story.

  2. Marie says:

    But how did she grab the pen out of his hand to stab him with? 🙂

    • Oh, those thirty-three word limitations. A period of time had passed between the writing of the names and the murder. The top sheet of the notepad had actually been torn off and burned in the fireplace by him, but something seemed wrong to the wife, and she took a pencil and lightly rubbed it across the next page to show her that he had written “Marylou” several times on the top page, even put Marylou’s name and his own inside a heart. His goose was cooked by good detective work.

  3. Andrea says:

    The pen really is mightier than the sword. good job.

  4. Ouch. Unlucky for the trysting couple that she came upon them when she did.

  5. trifectawriting says:

    It seems like the pen is the thing to watch out for. Thanks for linking up with us again this week. Please be sure to come on back tomorrow for the new prompt.

  6. Hobbles says:

    Weird…I got the strangest feeling like you may win this Trifecta. Good job with this piece.

  7. dunce two says:

    Nice. Ironic and darkly humorous. Well done.

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