The Best Thing About it/I Am, I Am That Lamb

Had to share this before I forgot it.  The last time I had my teeth cleaned, the hygienist lady told me about a little girl who had been in with her family to get their teeth worked on right before a family camping trip.  The dental assistant asked the little girl what she liked the most about camping.  After thinking it over a couple seconds, the little girl answered, “Ketchup.”

Tonight’s soundtrack is a song that I don’t much like until it gets to the giant “hook” in the song, which comes right away in the MHO clip I found and right at one minute into Mr. Tantric Sex’s version:

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6 Responses to The Best Thing About it/I Am, I Am That Lamb

  1. Anna says:

    We have a giant bottle of ketchup in my house because my boyfriend refused to buy the smaller bottle for only 10p less. There’s no way we’re going to be able to eat all this ketchup, and whenever I open the cupboard, the bottle just stares at me with contempt. It’s very intimidating, and very heavy, I’m sure you could kill someone by whacking them over the head with it.

    But anyway, I digress… I shall have to watch these videos when I get home 😀

    • Ketchup doesn’t last too long around here because I like it okay and I have a 7 year old, and little kids are like Coneheads, it has to be “mass quantities” of everything. I bought some of those ketchup and mustard containers years ago, you know, just like the ones they have in some little diners, because some of my favorite childhood memories were eating burgers and fries at little diners (a special treat back then, not a trip to fast food every other day like we do now) and blowing bubbles in my pop (soda, cola, whatever). The condiments taste much better out of them, but the yellow one crusts over a lot.

  2. Averil Dean says:

    I’d watch over Sting any day, but then there’d be court orders and whatnot. . . .

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