Empty Nest

The world will end in three days,
The moving van will be pulled up,
The walk-in closet will empty,
I’ll sit with my gold wedding cup.

The kids have all moved to the city,
The laughs and the heartaches are gone,
The space, just a void there between us,
No more of the sweet touch at dawn.

The world will end in three days,
She has a new place of her own,
I’ll drink cyanide with my nightcap,
And be gone, before dawn, all alone.

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29 Responses to Empty Nest

  1. gene3067 says:

    Soft, quiet, and depressing.

    Yep. It’s great!

  2. That’s extremely sad – but good poetry.

  3. judithhb says:

    Very sad but s nicely put.

  4. jannatwrites says:

    What a sad way to exit a sad world.

  5. Not an end that any of us looks forward to. But it does happen. I wonder why. Sigh.

  6. “No more of the sweet touch at dawn.” i really liked this line. it is quite a sad piece. to think all that started as joy ended with merely space between.

  7. I like that you portray the good and the bad; the positives and the conflicts of children at home. This one speaks to me – They’re starting to leave our nest.

  8. Something about the juxtaposition of the upbeat meter and the depression was very funny.

  9. Lumdog says:

    Very sad and real. Though I think it gets better over time.

  10. Oh! I didn’t expect the twist at the end at all. Nice touch. I was thinking it was a divorce tale, sad enough as it stands, but then the suicidal desire at the end made for a nasty/nice balance.

  11. Cipriano says:

    Hey, this is really good.
    In some ways, that emptiness theme, it reminds me of a sad [yet less tragic] poem I myself once wrote:

  12. Thanks for linking up with Trifecta this weekend. My favorite line of this lovely, sad piece was, “The kids have all moved to the city.” It’s so simple, and the reader is left to interpret it. But there’s no way to read it but with mourning. Great response to the prompt.

    • Very kind words, Trifecta. The part about the kids moving to the city was basically stolen from various song lyrics, such as John Prine’s “Hello in There”: “It’s been years since the kids have gone, a life of their own, left us alone…” I try to stay away from poetry; if I do it at all, it’s going to be more like a song lyric and less like, well, poetic imagery, I guess.

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