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Like a Damn Tornado

These Trifecta writing contest things (that I will never win, that don’t bring any prizes or even all that much publicity, but do offer good fun and great writing prompts) often make me want to expand on them or offer alternate … Continue reading

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Mind Your Manners

The stunned look on his face at being buried alive was slowly replaced by the realization:  I was killing him, not to keep him quiet, but because he made his new waitress cry. ——————- (Hopefully this was not an insipid incipit). … Continue reading

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The Leap

His tears, like their last kiss, left her cold, Brushing against the woman in the store Had settled it for her Taking a deep breath, She opened the door to the gay bar. ————————————– Since I know nothing of being … Continue reading

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Unwanted Visitor

“8 kisses?”  In the sweetest little-girl voice I’ve ever heard.  I don’t know how it morphed from 1, to 4, to 8 goodbye kisses each time I dropped her off at her mom and stepdad’s, but those are her rules.  Everything … Continue reading

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Empty Nest

The world will end in three days, The moving van will be pulled up, The walk-in closet will empty, I’ll sit with my gold wedding cup. The kids have all moved to the city, The laughs and the heartaches are … Continue reading

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Love and The Jackal

I’ve talked about the movie “The Jackal” before, how much I loved that they shot Jack Black (who was basically playing Jack Black) as well as Bruce Willis.  But I think they missed the alternate ending: Bruce (holding a gun … Continue reading

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