Alabama Story

Because Dad defended a Negro, this one peckerwood dipshit attacks ME!!  My freaky neighbor Boo kills him, saving me.  The sheriff says “Cover it up, elsewise we’ll turn Boo into a goddamn Kardashian.”


Trifecta weekend fun: Retell your favorite book in exactly 33 words.


Alabama Song:

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19 Responses to Alabama Story

  1. Cipriano says:

    This is a great take on Mockingbird, replete with reverse anachronism. Excellent.

  2. Christine says:

    I love that you didn’t summarize, and that you added something unique to the story without changing it. Great job!

  3. Nice take! love the Kardashian bit at the end, makes it current. 🙂


  4. Excellent story, with a beginning, middle and surprise end!

    I love the idea of retelling a classic in 33 words. Here’s my entry:

    “I’m Ishmael. I sailed with Ahab, that fucking nutter. Lost some good friends, ate some not so good friends, killed a whale or two, and came home.”

  5. Sandra says:

    Simply, a wonderfully interesting and modern take on a classic.

  6. one of the best novels of all time. Forgot this twist on it though.

  7. Jennifer Worrell says:

    LOVED IT! Hilarious!

  8. I really liked that it wasn’t wholly accurate and that you made it your own. Gave it some bite. Nicely done. Thanks for linking up. Be sure to come back tomorrow for the special 33rd challenge. It’s going to be fun!

  9. Lance says:

    you owned this and didn’t stick to the written word completely. Very outside the box thinking and writing. I like your style.

    The juxaposition of references is amazing. One of my favorites of the weekend.

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