Thoughts On a Day Off

I took yesterday off from work.  I thought I was going to have to watch my daughter for a while before she went camping with her “grandparents” (long story; some “Jesus bikers” who did day care for her when she was really little), but they ended up picking her up bright and early from her mom.  Of course, I didn’t cancel my day off request.  I mean, I’m stupid, but there is a limit to it.  I concluded (again) that a person should take at least 2 days off or call in sick for 2 days in a row, at minimum.  Because, if you’re like me (thankfully not too many are, or it’d be a freaky world), you like getting up early, going out for breakfast or coffee, getting an early start to the day and either accomplishing a bunch of stuff or just hanging out for all day.  But, you like even more to sleep really late, watch TV and be a bum all day.  Guess which one won out yesterday?

Thoughts on sleeping late, watching TV and being a bum all day:

I didn’t realize until yesterday that the slightly freaky middle-aged lady, who was quite distraught early on in the movie but later was a pillar of strength for a totally freaked-out Tippi Hedren, was actually “Miss Daisy” herself, Jessica Tandy, known by some as “Jessica Radio Shack” (a reference to the old “Radio Shack–a Tandy Company” commercials).  I saw that Hitchcock’s “The Birds” was on, and at first thought “Why watch this?  I’ve seen it a dozen times.”  But it’s Hitchcock, you know.  Even though the birds themselves look pretty fakey at times, there is such creepiness in ordinary events, such building tension in his movies, that they stand the test of time in many ways (never mind the outdated special effects).

I was alive in the early 60s, when “The Birds” came out, and I remember a little of what went on, back then when I was just a little shit (like running into the kitchen to tell my mom: “They just shot a guy on TV”–yeah, that’s right, millions of school kids watched Jack Ruby murder Lee Harvey Oswald on live TV while their moms made breakfast), but it still amazes me to see so many people smoking, everywhere and almost constantly, in movies, on TV shows, in news coverage of Congressional hearings, everywhere.  Even the old lady birdwatcher in “The Birds” came in to the diner to get change to, of course, use the cigarette machine (which probably cost her all of 2 quarters).  I don’t recall it, but it almost seems like there must have been people (hired by the tobacco companies?) running around in every town in America, grabbing people by the lapels and screaming in the people’s faces “You’re not smoking enough!!!”

I had forgotten that Tippi Hedren’s character in “The Birds” was named Melanie.  I suppose that’s why her daughter was named Melanie.  Let’s Google Melanie Griffith, shall we?  Well, no, apparently Melanie Griffith came before Melanie Daniels.  And Tippi is a big animal conservationist who had a pet lion hanging out by the pool with her and her kids, she had her film career started and ruined by Alfred Hitchcock, and she gets some credit for helping to establish Vietnamese as manicurists throughout North America.  How weird is that?

If I had been Rod Taylor acting in “The Birds”, I would’ve done Tippi Hedren, Suzanne Pleshette, and Jessica Tandy–all of ’em.

The rest of my day off was as eventful as watching paint dry, until about 11pm, when a storm went by just to the north and gave us a bit of a light show.

I’d go on, but I don’t know how much excitement you folks can stand.

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6 Responses to Thoughts On a Day Off

  1. Nicole Marie says:

    Just watched The Birds (for the hundredth time) about 2 weeks ago. It always makes me cringe when they find Annie sprawled out in front of her little house. And I always think of that old man talking about the “Little Brenna’ girl”.

    • The farmer guy with the eyes pecked out always does it for me. And I’ve really been “off my feed” lately, because what I really wanted to mention, but totally forgot, was the kidstalking, how everyone was so ready to help Tippi find the little girl. That wouldn’t fly today, even though it was obvious, to all, that Tippi was hot after Rod and not after the child. It still wouldn’t have worked that way today. Of course, good looking women are known to have doors open for them once in awhile.

  2. The Hook says:

    The Birds is a great flick! Thanks for the reminder!

  3. mrsfever says:

    Alfred Hitchcock had handlers throw live birds at Tippi Hedron during the attack scene in “The Birds.” She eventually passed out (presumably from the adrenaline and the bleeding) and was comatose as a result of the trauma for two days afterward. Hitchcock was a directoral genius, but as a man he was a self-loathing sadist and an obese mysoginist. He did things to his actresses (both on and off set) that would land him in jail today. People don rose-colored glasses when they analyze his life and try to make him into some sort of overweight, misunderstood, jolly grandpa. He was something else entirely.

    Hitchcock’s sixties movies don’t do anything for me. I prefer his earlier work. “39 Steps” is one of my favorites.

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