Hyperbole Times

The best version ever, by the best country singer ever (Gram Parsons), who died way too young than should happen ever, and had one of the craziest “burials” ever,  of the best pop song ever, co-written by the pop singer with the best voice ever (Robin Gibb), who just died younger than should happen ever, a song co-written by Robin and his brother Barry for the best soul singer ever (Otis Redding), who died in the most tragic plane crash in the world of soul music ever, and who got to record the song specifically written for him never, and you will have the best time listening to this song ever:

(Gram is the “pretty-boy” that the girls are sitting on the lap of, the guy with the cross on the back of his Nudie suit–he was a rich kid who had an amazing voice and a penchant for booze and drugs):

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6 Responses to Hyperbole Times

  1. This is the first time I’ve heard that version, and the first time I’ve seen Parsons in action. I don’t drink whiskey, but hearing that song now makes me wish I had a bottle of wine in the house. I’d say a little something and pour a little on the ground for the both of them.

    • Gram Parsons had a voice that was so naturally country, so open and vulnerable, that very few country singers, male or female, can compare with, though he was as much folk and country-rock as anything. He didn’t have a huge body of work like Johnny or George or Willie or Merle, but had some great songs, like his “$1000 Wedding” (“But where are the flowers for my baby?–I’d even like to see her mean old momma, and why ain’t there a funeral, if you’re gonna act that way?”) and his duet on “Love Hurts” with Emmylou, who was his protege.

  2. Not half bad! I love those sad country-ish things sometimes. Elvis Costello’s great for that too. Do real men ever do the crotch grab thing? I mean, not rock stars and chippendales?

    • Thanks for reading and listening, Rose. We grab our crotches reflexively, of course. It’s all we can do to keep from doing it in public. Like Michael Jackson said to explain it, “I’m a slave to my rhythm.”

  3. Anna says:

    It isn’t really my type of music, but I really enjoyed listening to this song… thank you so much for sharing! 😀

    • You’re quite welcome, Anna. Decided to “return the favor” by listening to your “Every Time I Die” folks. Like you said, not really my type, but very good at what they do, and I liked a lot of it. I like hearing about bands and artists that I’ve never heard of before, unless it’s sappy boy or girl groups, any rap or hiphop, or 99% of country. I just am not open-minded about shitty-sounding crap.

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