Curly Fries and Adolf

Sitting at fast food with my daughter, playing games with curly fries.

Her:  “What am I?”  A walrus of course, then a guy with a mustache, a beard, then “Your turn.”

Me:  “Who am I?”

“I don’t know.”


“Who’s Hitler?”

“He’s a bad guy with a funny little mustache from a long time ago.”

“What did he do?”

“He tried to take over the world.”

“What happened?”

“There was a world war and he was stopped.”

“Did they kill him?”

“Yeah, they killed him.” 

(Because, hell, it’s easy to explain wanting to rule the whole world, wanting to kill everyone who doesn’t look a certain way or come from the right families or think like you, easy to explain people blowing each other to bits with metal and gunpowder, easy to explain people crawling all over each other to try to get the last little bits of fresh air in a room filled with Zyklon B, easy to explain people unpiling the bodies and throwing them into ovens, but not so easy to explain suicide.)


Bring it.

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14 Responses to Curly Fries and Adolf

  1. It IS hard to explain. My sister is a suicide. Was a suicide? I’m never sure of the grammar. Anyway, some day, we will have to tell her daughter, and it’s going to be extremely hard to find the words.

  2. I think it’s maybe harder if you’ve been cagey with your kids about those kinds of things. Mine probably would’ve understood a bit about suicide but it took them a long time to cotton on about head jobs. I guess because in my family we’re all curious and interested in (and open about) death but a bit prudish about sex (at least when they were little).

    • Laughing my ass off, Rose. Just how early in their lives did you feel it necessary to try to give them some education about head jobs? I hated the show “30-something” (99% of my dislike was the stupid title), but I liked one preview I saw from it: One of the kids asked a male character, “What’s 69?” The dad answered, “The year the Mets won the World Series.” Our family never talked about sex. We talked about Bonanza and The Wonderful World of Disney.

  3. This was so well done, so clean, and clever. I took it literally. I like what you did much better.

  4. You need the new Hitler action figure… Play some holocaust games with the kiddies. Turn it into a teachable moment. I just got done doing some funny Hitler pictures, and my skin is still crawling.

  5. Very clever take on the prompt. Sometimes a lie is the best thing we can say.
    Thanks for playing. Please come back for the new prompt tomorrow.

  6. I don’t think it’s easy to explain any of those things. Might as well just take a fat, bloody nightmare and slap it between their eyes. Every time I say the word “dead” to my 5 year old, she covers her ears.

    • No, it isn’t easy, is it? I just kind of wait for her to come up with stuff, seems like, and she does at least grasp the idea that people can die. I think having cats have to be put to sleep started her realizing it can happen to living creatures.

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