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Hyperbole Times

The best version ever, by the best country singer ever (Gram Parsons), who died way too young than should happen ever, and had one of the craziest “burials” ever,  of the best pop song ever, co-written by the pop singer … Continue reading

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Question:  What has 114 words, lasts about 3 minutes and 40 seconds long, tells the story of broken marriage as well as anything ever has, and, in some ways, outshines “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by the same songwriter? Congratulations “Congratulations Oh … Continue reading

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Simply The Best

She lived only to love her kids and grandkids.  She never talked ill of anyone (except the arrogant) because they sinned or were different.  Nobody is perfect but she was a perfect mother. ——————————- I don’t care if this is a … Continue reading

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In Praise of “Anne of Green Gables” and “Night”

I’m here to discuss two classic and very similar books:  “Anne of Green Gables” by L. M. Montgomery, and “Night” by Elie Wiesel.  Both books tell the tale of a child being orphaned and being forced into a new and … Continue reading

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Curly Fries and Adolf

Sitting at fast food with my daughter, playing games with curly fries. Her:  “What am I?”  A walrus of course, then a guy with a mustache, a beard, then “Your turn.” Me:  “Who am I?” “I don’t know.” “Hitler.” “Who’s Hitler?” “He’s a … Continue reading

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A Month’s Worth of Daily Non-Affirmations

Week 1: 1.  I suck. 2.  I suck ass. 3.  I suck raw ass. 4.  I suck raw gay ass. 5.  I suck raw gay ass at life. 6.  I suck raw gay “old-man” ass at life. 7.  I suck … Continue reading

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My Dreams Even Suck

You know, if para- and quadra-plegics dream about flying, rather than just walking or running, wouldn’t you think a guy like me, who couldn’t get lucky in a whorehouse if he’d just won the lottery, would dream about being surrounded … Continue reading

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