In Praise of Robin Gibb

Well, that sure sucks.  I knew he’d been sick in the last couple years, but it’s not looking very good for Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees.  If you believe that namby-pamby bullshit, they must need a warbling pop music singer in the angel choir up there.  Thank frickin’ God that people heard one of the best voices to come out of the ’60s before they spent too much time judging him by how freaky he looked a lot of the time.  I wonder if we would have gotten to hear that voice if he hadn’t been part of the Bee Gees–certainly he would have had a tough time making it in today’s crap-ass world of formulaic pop star making.  Do yourself a favor and go to Youtube or listen to a couple of these.  I believe that Barry usually sang the lead on “To Love Somebody” when they did it as a group, but Robin didn’t disappoint when doing it solo.  Oh, by the way, these songs were all originally done in the late ’60s/early ’70s, before the Bee Gees descended into disco hell (though they gained much-deserved popularity from that Saturday night fever crap).

One of the more unique pop songs ever done:

Lastly from the Gibbs, there’s a good description that goes with this one on YouTube about the fact that Robin wrote this song after a row with his wife; it’s about a condemned man and the words are prophetic, I suppose:

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11 Responses to In Praise of Robin Gibb

  1. H.E. ELLIS says:

    You know the first thing I did after reading this was whip out a mirror and…
    ….say a prayer for Robin Gibb.

    • Hee hee, H. E., just don’t be all careless with that bleach. I seem to have a compulsion for ruining my favorite “Henley-collar” shirts by, apparently, doing laundry while wearing them, and shaking the damn bleach bottle after to see that it’s really empty–it only takes a couple damn drops flying around in the wrong places. It’s sad when anybody dies too young, but, man, he was born with a great voice. Thanks for reading.

  2. I always loved Robin Gibb’s voice. I hope there’s no pain in his future, whatever happens.

    Now… WTF?! That bleaching article reminded me of the scene in “Bridesmaids” where they talked about bleached assholes. That sounded pretty stupid to me the first time I heard about it. I’m getting so tired of manufactured insecurities.

    The day some guy tells me I need to bleach a part of my body, private or not, is the day he has to have his nose reset, unless he’s really good at ducking.

    • Laughing my ass off, Re, at your last sentence. I think you’re close to my age, and wouldn’t we hope that we would be experienced enough to “smell” immediately whether a new love connection would be inclined to come up with something as stupid as wanting to change something about us? But I, for one, will probably fall for any sweet smile and avoid the red flags at first. Yeah, I think my mouth fell open when I first read about bleached assholes. That’d be like tattooing a private part, for one thing, as far as being uncomfortable and silly.

  3. Logical next step is to put reflective coating on penises. Don’t know how many times I’ve looked for one in the dark and just haven’t been able to locate it due to its dull pinkish colour!

  4. I saw that article on Jezebel yesterday. I love that site!
    Yes, pre-disco Bee Gee’s were pretty f-in good.

  5. i just finished bleaching my asshole when i chanced upon this delightfully witty post. and now, having read what that Indian chap said, i shall bleach my balls. both of them. thanks so much. continue…

    • Thank you, and isn’t Lindy West a funny writer–I finally went in and added her name to the post, since she wrote the bleaching story after all. Like most names, she has a name in common with several others, but I think maybe she’s the Seattle-based writer. I intend to check her out. Thanks for reading.

  6. kojak says:

    A perfect tribute. Bleaching and vajayjay were favorite pastimes of El Grande Robin.

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