A Real Horror Story

The divorce was final.  Finally free.  Why had she been true to someone so thoroughly sadistic, mentally and physically?

“Janet?”  The nurse calling her back in.

Doctor:  “Your lab work says you’re pregnant.”


I broke my own rule, to not enter the Trifextra weekend thing more than once a weekend, but I like horror stories.   Not necessarily gory horror movies, but horror stories, yup.

I know I’ve heard of women being asked by doctors, “Didn’t you know you were pregnant?”, when they went in to the doctor for some other reason, but I doubted that, of course, so tried to look up whether or not routine blood work would include that test, or would just yield that result.  On the plus side, now Google, for one, thinks that I’ve been sexually active.  Really, really worried, but at least sexually active.

(Whoops, had to replace “blood” with “lab”, sorry)

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8 Responses to A Real Horror Story

  1. Sightsnbytes says:

    Yikkes, that is a horror story!! Nice write!

  2. Oh, this makes my heart hurt. Which is exactly the effect you were working for. Nice job.

  3. JannatWrites says:

    Scary situation, for sure. No easy choices to make from there.

  4. Oh, I really hope she was cheating on him. But I guess being “true” meant the worse. Ugh.

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