You Can Exhale Now

I know that you’ve been there, despondent all Sunday, waiting and wondering while living your happy family- and/or lush-life day of rest.  You’re asking yourselves, “I wonder if, um, old Fucknuts over there at TTD has gone to any used-book sales lately”, to which I would have to answer “Right on”!  I thought that the pickings were pretty slim, yet I came away with a full bag of books for 2 bucks.  Herewith, to bring your weekend to ultimate fullness, the list of books I picked up:

1.  “Ten Greek Plays”

2.  Robert Penn Warren “Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce” (one big long fucking poem)

3.  “Hard Country” by Sharon Doubiago (more poems)

4.  “The Siberians” by Farley Mowat, apparently a journal of an actual trip through Siberia.

5.  “Lord Jim” by Joseph Conrad

6.  “The Understudy” by director Elia Kazan (didn’t know he wrote books)

7.  “Pawn of Prophecy” by David Eddings (some science fiction guy I heard of somewhere)

8.  “Mountains Beyond Mountains” (“the quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, a man who would cure the world”) by Tracy Kidder

9.  “Horses” by Elwyn Edwards (pictorial guide to horses)

10.  “Can You Read a Map?” (kids book)

11.  “Dinofours: I’m Not Your Friend”  (I cheated; they’re friends again at the end)

12.  “Never Take a Shark to the Dentist” (advice book for kids)

13.  “Selected Tales of Guy De Maupassant” (some famous fucker I don’t think I’ve ever read)

14.  “The Siege of Krishnapur”, by J. G. Farrell, about the British in India

15.  “Dictionary of the Khazars” by Milorad Pavic

16.  “The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox”, by Maggie O’Farrell (some Irish/Scottish whore)

17.  and “Fiction 100” 5th Edition (short story anthology)  (huge book with every author you’ve ever heard of )

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6 Responses to You Can Exhale Now

  1. Oooo. Maupassant! Delish. Please tell us about the others– I only read books recommended to me.

    • I don’t quite believe you, Anna, that you only read what’s recommended to you, except that you are running a household and reading and writing entire books and whatnot, so perhaps the time limitations keep you from haunting as many libraries and bookstores as I would think you would go to. Expect some book reports. Oh, and #17 has a Kate Chopin story: “Athenaise: A Story of a Temperament”.

  2. I love the title of the horse pictoral guide. Really vague and abstract. # 17 sounds interesting.

    • My 7- year old likes to show me the pictures of the horses’ butts, of course. #17 actually has 110 stories, I guess, everything from Sherlock Holmes to Ralph Ellison to Flannery O’Connor (of course). I think one of the first things that ever made me want to write was at the end of “A Good Man is Hard to Find”, when the Misfit declares “She would of been a good woman…if it had been somebody there to shoot her every minute of her life.”

  3. Way to go! Does that leave you with a warm inner glow? It always does me, even if I never get round to reading most of them. It’s the thrill of ownership and potential!

    • Yes, a warm inner glow, though I at first thought I scored bigger other years. But I still got a bagful for almost free, and yeah, it’s the ones you’ve heard of and the writers and books you’ve never heard of, plus the smug satisfaction of bypassing the mass-trade crap a lot of folks inhale.

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