If You Wanted the Moon I Would Try to Make a Start

Top 10 Female Vocal Performances as of Tonight:

In whatever category I choose, that is, and in no particular order, in no particular time range, without any sense, just for fun this evening…….:

1.  “White Rabbit”,
Grace Slick and Jefferson Airplane, of course.

2.  “Long Long Time”, Linda Ronstadt.

3.  “You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive”, Patty Loveless.

4. ” True Love Ways”, Martina McBride.

5.  “The Difficult Kind”, Sheryl Crow.

6.  “Angel”, Sarah McLachlan.

7.  “T0 Sir With Love”, Lulu.

8.  “You Oughta Know”, Alanis.

9.  “Zombie”, Cranberries (sorry, Re, I have to).

10.  Of course, my other sweetie-pie:  I want it to be “Lord Franklin” but, good as that performance is (though you want to stick the echo down her throat), it has to be one of the 7 wonders of the modern world, the performance of my buddy-derogatorily-known-as-Shinehead in, from 2003’s “Sean-Nos Nua”, the old song called “Paddy’s Lament”:

(Sinead O’Connor’s “Paddy’s Lament” disappeared off here, so you’d have to look it up.  Thanks for reading.)

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4 Responses to If You Wanted the Moon I Would Try to Make a Start

  1. Sightsnbytes says:

    I just found your site via H.E. Ellis. Great site, nice posts, and even better musical taste..I shall return for more reading.

    • Well, thank you for the compliment; will be reading more of your site soon. Can’t believe H.E. is going offline–I hope it’s not permanent.
      You know, I often think that promoting one’s favorite music in a blog is about as relevant to the readers as a Twitterer or Facebook-er saying that they are “Now at Walmart”, but it’s still big fun to do, and I’ve gotten introduced to a lot of great music by reading other’s blogs. Plus a small amount of alcohol is sometimes involved in writing those posts, so that’s always fun, as long as no one gets hurt. So the positive input is nice–thanks.

  2. Nicole Marie says:

    Sarah McLachlan. ❤ I love that woman. I've seen her live twice. Amazing shows. You have great taste!

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