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A Real Horror Story

The divorce was final.  Finally free.  Why had she been true to someone so thoroughly sadistic, mentally and physically? “Janet?”  The nurse calling her back in. Doctor:  “Your lab work says you’re pregnant.” ——————————— I broke my own rule, to not enter the Trifextra weekend … Continue reading

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I Dreamed About You

The beautiful student shimmied in to the professor’s office.  He closed and locked the door behind her.  “I dreamed about having sex with you and burying you.”  She couldn’t escape his chloroform handkerchief. ——————- (for the Trifecta Trifextra 33 word weekend challenge–a … Continue reading

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Top Ten Things I Want My Horoscope To Tell Me

My (Sagittarius) horoscope today reads: You have reason to be ever so cautiously optimistic. Expecting to have an easy road will make the road harder. Conversely, preparing for hardship somehow makes you rather magically immune to it. Which, I guess, … Continue reading

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Such Purity

Oh, hell it’s fun to do this Trifecta thing, and it’s not like I’ve been “bursting at the seams” with new blogging ideas.  Maybe I should write about my sex life or my dating life.  Here’s the summary of that:  … Continue reading

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For the Trifextra weekend challenge:  33 word story with “Lost” as the prompt: —————————————– My sister didn’t answer her phone.  Her neighbor: “She’s in the hospital–she’s dying, you know.” “What’s all this?”, she asked as I walked in. The nurses … Continue reading

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Mental Revenge

Took time at lunch to bang this out for some Trifecta fun:  use “trail” (like a trail of smoke would trail, for instance) as a verb.  See them for details.  Friday night was finally here; he drank 4 whiskey drinks … Continue reading

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No Woman is Worth That

So, I was reading a little bit of a biography of Winston Churchill’s mother, Jennie, who was quite a lady, apparently.  She was full of life and ambition, yet a realist.  When, in later life, she was being prepped to … Continue reading

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