The Train Wreck That Calls Herself Sinead

I love Sinead O’Connor–her voice, the timbre of her voice when she’s at her best, her outspokenness, her stunning face when she was at her best, her professing not to care that she was, or ever wanted to be, considered beautiful.  I bought her biggest album way back when and have really lost touch with her since.

But lately our dear Sinead has been in the news, not for music, or taking a stand against the absurdities, systemic child abuse, and other problems of the Catholic Church, or for hairstyles.  No, she has thrown her hat in the ring of people vying for the title of shortest marriage ever.  It sounds to me like the man, who answered her plea, which she put forth in her blog (I won’t link to it, but will let you find it yourself), to get a man to marry her, might be a little too straight-laced and religious for her.  He apparently was put-off by her “bit of a wild ride i took us on looking for a bit of a smoke of weed for me wedding nite, as I don’t drink.”  She talks about the things you would consider important to her: family, music, social, religious, and political issues, but the overriding theme of her blog seems to be of her being a sex-starved, lonely, quite outspoken and perverted sexually, famous woman.  She is in her mid-40s, so of course doesn’t look like someone in their 20s, but I think there’s been some drinking or drug use going on, because she is looking rougher than she should.  But medicines for depression and whatnot will perhaps do that to you, so who are we to complain.  How does a famous person, with cash, have trouble finding weed in Vegas though?

Certainly, in the world of entertainment, “any publicity is good publicity” (I, for one, have spent several hours the last 2 days catching up on her songs on youtube) but this tabloid-feeding behavior of hers is, I don’t know, juvenile, I guess.  From a blogpost on or around her wedding day, she wrote “it’s a bit of a ‘Cant. Talk. Cock. In. Mouth.’ Situation.”  Which, of course, there’s nothing wrong with (stop over, Sinead), and I’m all for “baring” yourself in one way or another on one’s blog, but, maybe if you’re a famous person who wants to be taken seriously for the issues you champion, maybe write the blogpost at night and publish it the next day if you still want to.

Aw, screw that, Sinead; go for it.

Some say she’s lost a little of her voice, some say there’s better versions of the song “I Don’t Know How to Love Him” than the one she did in 2007, but I’d say it ranks right up there, again because of the “timbre” of her voice–it’s quite unique:

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6 Responses to The Train Wreck That Calls Herself Sinead

  1. I’ve noticed too that something is off about her appearance and things she’s saying lately. I’ve always admired her outspokenness especially when I’ve agreed with her, but lately I’m wondering if she’s bipolar like Patty Duke, Britney, and the “Lois Lane” who tried to pull out her teeth on a cross country flight. That’s a hell of an illness to have in public, and a hell of an illness for a creative person to have because sometimes the drugs that regulate also mess with that creative spirit.

    I hope she gets whatever kind of help she needs, if only for her kids’ sakes. I’ve always enjoyed that voice of hers, too.

    • I can’t really add anything to what you said here. She claims lately that she was misdiagnosed as bipolar, was actually just depressed. I really love her traditional Irish songs. I hope she can get happier.

      Ah, Margo Kidder/Lois Lane–she was a wonder, wasn’t she? Thanks again for stopping by.

  2. She’s always been good at getting attention. She does things that are far more interesting than most reality show celebrities– I’d watch her over the stupid K girls any day. If, as Re suggests, it’s some bipolar thing then I hope she gets help– but if she’s looking for a contract, she deserves one.

    • She’s definitely interesting. She’s been married 4 times now I think. I wonder if she’s ever had anyone who was her equal in intellect or her passion for her causes, or if they were always just a passion thing, or a fling like this one seemed to be. She did some song for a Glenn Close movie (song that was co-written by Close), which was nominated for some award, and I believe she has a recent album out. She has a serious hate on for the hypocrisy of some members of her church, that’s for sure.

  3. Ok…I don’t actually even want to know at this point 🙂 Happy New Year!

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