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Random 1/31/ 2012, Plus The Best Voice We’ll Never Hear?

Someone found my site by typing in “I tied up two sisters and f***ed them both I tied up two sisters and f***ked them both”.  I don’t know what led them to me, but it’s not something I advocate it’s … Continue reading

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Painting The Town Red

God, she hated snow.  It was fine when the kids were little.  They’d sled, they’d make snowmen, they’d make snow angels, little Evie would catch snowflakes on her tongue and giggle; Adam would hit her with a snowball and she’d … Continue reading

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Sarcastic Self-Talk

I did a really, really nice thing at work the other day.  I’m kind of a jerk sometimes, and, like my daughter, I’d just as soon either be by myself or with a small circle of friends (a circle of … Continue reading

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Late New Year’s Resolutions (Because I Do Everything Late)

Before I start: Along with millions of others, I read my horoscope for a laugh.  My “weekend love forecast” was “You like freedom and privacy.  You’ll be attracted to those who are likely to give you space.”  So….., I’m supposed … Continue reading

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Write Like People Talk

Every once in a while, I get some odd ideas.  Well, “new odd ideas” would be a better term, because I have a lot of ongoing odd ideas.  Like the idea I’ve had, ever since “women’s lib” came into being, that … Continue reading

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Old Friend

Well, you’re in luck.  Yeah, that’s it, because I’m going to post the last few old stories or essays here soon, that I have lying around, so that I can force myself to write some new fiction of some kind, instead … Continue reading

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What Else?–More Random Crap

–Last weekend’s “weekend love forecast” for me was “You’ll take charge of your love life and shape the act in the way you want it to go.”  Which was funny, because I have never abducted and killed anyone, and wasn’t … Continue reading

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