More Random Thoughts And A Couple Of Dead Guys

So, is everyone done ordering 50 bucks worth of trinkets for their bitch sister-in-law online, so that I can have my internet back?  Something was slowing it down yesterday, and I had a sore throat, so didn’t feel like doing much else.

Spam comments I’ve received lately included:

–“Nice blog here!  Also your site rather a lot up very fast….Sorry for poor English.  Goodbye from Brazil.”  (Yeah, well, if you’ve got that Brazilian wax thing going on, then that’s not the only thing that’s rather a lot up very fast)

–(Not the comment but the website they were trying to “sell” on this one:  “esophageal spasm dot something”)

–“of course like your website however …several of them are rife with spelling problems (doubt that).  I find it very bothersome to inform the reality.”  (you know, I think that the reality can handle being informed of the truth, don’t you?)

There was a thing I ran across earlier tonight somewhere, which the blogwriter didn’t have much respect for apparently, but it was a bunch of words strung together in the shape of a head or something, and the first 4 words that you could pick out of it were supposed to describe you.  My first word was “naive”–no shit, because, though I’m one of the most cynical people I know, I still think people are a lot better than they really are, and that life should have some good fair-tale happy ending.  The other words were “passionate”, “insecure”, and “eloquent”.  Sure–in a sentence:  Though I’m insecure about whether or not I deserve her, I’m passionate about trying to eloquently convince you to have your divorced 40 or 50-something lady (okay-looking, no real bad addictions, no psycho exes, a strong sense of humor, and no giant debts, please) friend look me up.  Thank you.

Some searches that have gotten people to my blog:

–“60s muzak lala lala lala”

–“adult games for gay men”  (I really don’t want to know) (“Crisco-Twister”, maybe?)

–“Christian muslum jew lyrics”

WordPress writing prompts that I may use someday:  “If you could wear one color for the next month what would you choose?”  Boy that’s tough–black, duh.

Describe your personality in five words or less:  How about “I suck ass at life”?

A couple years ago I started doing these “celebrity cyphers” that are in the local paper, at break time at work.  They’re coded quotes from someone famous in the past or near-past, where they give you a clue that, for example, “E = G” (but G does not necessarily equal E, and F probably doesn’t equal H), and sometimes they’re cool, and sometimes they’re dorky, and most of the time they spell out “I AM AN UNFUCKABLE DORK WHO LIKES TO DO NERD-PUZZLES” by “MYNAME HERE.”  But some of them are way cool, and I’ve never heard them, such as this odd gem by Claude DeBussy:  “The color of my soul is iron-gray and sad bats wheel about the steeple of my dreams.”  You hit the nail on the head, C-Deb.

I hope that the guy lived a retirement that wasn’t too hateful, because Harry Morgan, who was so good as Bill Gannon in Dragnet, and perfect as Col. Potter in MASH, looked like he was about ready to go (to the great TV show in the sky) back in the ’90s when my ex and I saw him on an interview once.  But he lasted another 15 years apparently.  Some celebrities aren’t what they seem, but he seemed like the real deal.  I’m sorry to see him go.  And I know this is about a week too late, but the 31-year anniversary of Howard Cosell telling us, in the middle of Monday Night Football, that John Lennon was shot made me think (again) of how perfect that song “Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny)” was as a memorial for Lennon, maybe the best-ever such song.  I assume that Bernie Taupin wrote the lyrics, because Elton John can’t write a lyric to save his diva butt.  But he can play piano and sing.

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4 Responses to More Random Thoughts And A Couple Of Dead Guys

  1. The Hook says:

    I’d rather read your random thoughts than most people’s polished ones!

  2. I like your random thoughts, too. And I always liked that song, too. Thanks for reminding me of it.

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