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2011 Can Go Screw Itself In the Ass

Is that too “iffy” a title?  I don’t want any reader to be unclear about the purpose of this post, so maybe I should find a way to put it a little more bluntly. Lest you think me ungrateful, here’s … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts From the Day After Christmas

–The tree is down, my sweetie-pie liked her Unicorn Happy Napper, we played at the playground on Christmas Eve without even wearing gloves, wind is the only possible cause of weather-related traffic accidents around here, and the only chance of … Continue reading

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Hair, Vocals, and Sax

These, plus other instruments, make this the most sublime Christmas song ever:

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Happy Holidays

Bob gets into it a bit much, but it’s a good version of “Little Drummer Boy”, I think–Happy Holidays, y’all:

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Adults Aren’t So Smart

Must share this delightful bit of spam before I start–I believe the spammers are starting to hire native English speakers with some imagination–here it is in its entirety:  “CRAZY  And as if that isn’t good enough my face smells like … Continue reading

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Another Time Mr. Cleaver Had to Talk to the Beaver

(With all apologies to: fans of Eldridge Cleaver, fans of “Leave it to Beaver”, students of history, and anyone with artistic, writing, or comedic talent.)  Looks a little more like Mark Twain than Beaver Cleaver, I think, but what the … Continue reading

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I’d Like To Thank The Academy

People like to give out these “Whatever blogger” awards to each other; I don’t want that, just cash, fame, and cheap, vacant women.  And skin that doesn’t dry out like sandpaper in the desert, as I strongly, and without any … Continue reading

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