Just a Short One (My Fervent Wish)

It’s hard to know if a song will be considered “timeless” as the years pass.  Will it equal the nostalgic beauty of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World”, or will it have a faddish pull, like Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock’s “Picture”?  Time will tell, as they say.  I remember back in ’69 or ’70, telling my mom something that I thought but mainly had heard on the radio, that Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water” was an “instant classic”.  Though my mom was incredibly, unfailingly sweet and supportive, she was nonetheless “thrilled”, I could tell, to hear this earthshattering news from me.

My fervent wish, after sitting at the computer, on YouTube, hearing and rehearing a song from a lady considered by many to be chunky, is that sometime, when Lady Gaga is out of town, so that she cannot possibly be physically harmed, someone would enter her home and place postit notes everywhere which all simply say:  “How does Adele make zillions of dollars and make people cry and smile?  By doing nothing but standing there and singing”.

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