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Just a Short One (My Fervent Wish)

It’s hard to know if a song will be considered “timeless” as the years pass.  Will it equal the nostalgic beauty of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World”, or will it have a faddish pull, like Sheryl Crow and Kid … Continue reading

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Things I’m Thankful For–Turkey Day 2011 (Heavy version)

–I’m thankful that not every TV show is “shot-through” with that ridiculous, bright, glaring green and yellow light that “CSI: Miami” has.  1st-year film student at the controls, or what? –I’m thankful that I almost never see any TV shows … Continue reading

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Things I’m Thankful For–Turkey Day 2011 (Lite version)

–I’m thankful for my daughter picking out what shirt I should wear, on days that she stays overnight here.  It’s always the same Black Hills t-shirt, with lightning bolts on it, and hearing her patter down the hall to go … Continue reading

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Things I forgot from the last random thoughts post

Thanks, Wikipedia, for ruining my little fantasy on this one: Why does German chocolate frosting have coconut in it?  Did the Nazis look for some “magic tiki thing” in the South Pacific and I missed the Harrison Ford movie about it?  … Continue reading

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Dumbest Song Lyrics From Songs I Don’t Hate

Criteria: Maybe a big favorite of mine, but at least one that I wouldn’t cringe at and turn away from if, say, I was driving between Murdo and Wall, South Dakota, and I was tired of my CDs and the … Continue reading

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Trivial Psychic

(Every word of this story, except for the obvious stuff, is true.  Names have been changed to protect the innocent and this one woman.) Back in the ’90s, when Saturday Night Live was still occasionally funny, Christopher Walken did a … Continue reading

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Back in 2000, when I told my folks that my wife had left me, one of the first things out of my mom’s mouth was “Are you leaving town?”  I suppose it’s a normal reaction when things fall apart that … Continue reading

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