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Yeah, I would, but would the goat?

It’s great fun, and heartwarming, too, not only to read to your little ones while they’re little, but also to have your 1st-grader reading books to you and sounding out words.  Yet, even while enjoying a touching moment recently, and … Continue reading

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Bacon and Insanity

My God, I need to ease back on the caffeine a little, I think.  Some of my last post, especially the paragraph about getting a dog, etc., reads like a breathless child trying to tell a story too quickly.  Reminds … Continue reading

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Random thoughts 9/17/2011

Had to laugh at the stupidity of someone else’s Google search today.  I wanted to double-check something, something that I already knew, earlier today, that serial killer Ted Bundy had worked next to true-crime author Ann Rule at a suicide-prevention hotline … Continue reading

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In Praise of Anne Frank

I suppose because of my continuing hypochondria, or maybe the weather, or maybe a fatalistic view of life (since I’ve lost 2 of the 5 members of my original “nuclear family” in the last 4 years, after long illnesses, with … Continue reading

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Top 10 things that “Undateable” missed

The VH1 show “Undateable–Top 100 things that Guys do to Make Sure They Won’t be Dating or Having Sex” was entertaining at times, but, after having some beers doing some serious scientific research, I decided that they missed some of the most … Continue reading

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Love in the Meat Department

There was a low patchy fog in the little horse pasture near where I live the other day.  The scene was so pretty, it made me think of having sex.  Unfortunately, I was alone in the car, eating my cereal … Continue reading

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Obligatory 9/11 anniversary post

I hung my American flag in the little flag-holder thing outside the mansion’s front door today, on the 10th anniversary of that awful day.  Usually I just hang it out on the 4th of July–I forget Flag Day, most years, … Continue reading

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