Change is bad, plus why being dumped is better

Thanks, WordPress, for changing some things around for no apparent reason.  Change is bad.  Almost always bad.  If I had money and time, I would hire someone to, sort of, figure out what I like for settings on everything computer-related, and “intercept” changes that computer programmers make (just to keep themselves busy, I think), then set everything up on my computer to keep it simple for me.  “Dumb it down for the computer-impaired”, if you will.

The reason that it’s better to be the one dumped than be the one who dumps (besides righteous indignation and a reason to abuse alcohol) is that the music is a LOT better.  There’s just very few good ones and not even that many bad ones (from the “dumper’s” point of view, that is).  I guess being screwed over by romance, or thinking you have been, leads to more creativity.  There’s a gazillion good “I thought we had something special” songs, but as for “I dumped you, so deal with it”, there’s (you and I travel to a) “Different Drum”, which was a 1969-or-so hit that I don’t care to hear my favorite female singer of all time, Linda Ronstadt, ever sing again.  There’s a bad country song “Baby, Don’t Get Hooked on Me” by Mac Davis, and….what else?  Not much.  There may be others, but the only really good “I dumped you” song, that I can think of, is “She Cried” by Jay and the Americans.  Enjoy:

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