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Change is bad, plus why being dumped is better

Thanks, WordPress, for changing some things around for no apparent reason.  Change is bad.  Almost always bad.  If I had money and time, I would hire someone to, sort of, figure out what I like for settings on everything computer-related, … Continue reading

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Where is the love? (Internet searches I have or haven’t done)

Hi y’all–some talk recently about the searches that people use to stumble across different blogs made me think about some of the searches I have done over the years.  I wonder–can you guess which ones are “real” (ones I actually … Continue reading

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From the “It’s OK to not have a life when it’s this damn hot out” department:

It’s hot here today, not as hot as some places have been for 2-3 months, but hot.  So I am glued to the computer, the CD player, the TV, etc., and have the AC cranked up to “Frosty”.  Plus, by … Continue reading

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