In Praise of …Zombie

(Maybe “in praise of” will be a regular feature, maybe not–who cares?).

It’s sure a beautiful night out tonight; it’d be a shame to have it ruined by having to account for and explain all the nasty-ass shit I’ve said and done and thought during my life, in case “Hey-soos” does decide to show up.  There was an Eric Roberts movie that my family saw back in the 90s, my at-that-time married-into family (don’t know the name of the movie), in which somebody, I suppose Eric, died for a while and came back and informed us that, when we die, in addition to our entire life flashing before our eyes, we also remember every mean thing we’ve ever said or done in our lives.  Simultaneously, as soon as he said that, my teenage stepdaughter and I both said “Fuck!”

Don’t you always wonder what the big feud is between Eric and Julia Roberts?  Is it the fact that she’s so vain and he’s so “B-movie”?

Actually had to physically drag my 6 year old away from the Disney video game today; she had started some made-up game with me on the floor with a dry-erase board she has, so I got up to click off the internet, since she wasn’t using it and had been playing it for about 8 million hours in a row at her mom’s yesterday and my place today.  As soon as I started turning off the computer, she got up and tried to stop me, and had a kicking and screaming fit till I hauled her to her room and made her have time-out.  A little later, when we were doing some other stuff and she was being her sweet and silly self, I asked her why she got so upset when I did that, when she was happily playing something else.  She answered “it’s (the Disney game thing) all I think about”.  Yeah, well, welcome to the world of addiction, sweetie.  So many things just draw us in and don’t let go.

I hope this video doesn’t get “disabled by request” or whatever.  I can’t think of any song from the 90s that I like better.  I like songs that start sort of slowly and softly and then just explode at you–I call it a song that “unwinds”, you know, like “Unchained Melody” by the Righteous Brothers, or “The World I Know” by Collective Soul, or “Outside” by Staind.  I don’t much care for songs that have no real beginning and no real end.

With all apologies to actual DJs, if I were a bad radio DJ (what other kind would I be) I’d put on my best fake-Irish accent and announce: “Ladies and gentlemen, the screaming Irish banshee, Dolores O’Riordan, and the Cranberries, with the best song from the 90s:  Zombie!!”

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5 Responses to In Praise of …Zombie

  1. PL Holden says:

    I’ve always loved that song, I bet you’d make a pretty good DJ, man. You tell it like it is and you got good taste in music.

  2. Okay– I’m feeling really bad about this, and of course I should just slink away and say nothing because how would you know yet that I’m really not a bad person… but I was here and I did try… I did push the play button, but that might not mean much because I wasn’t sure about the name of the song… in fact I’ve tried quite a few times over the years to get caught up in the sweep of this, because the music is nice and it was so popular… and well… If my daughter was here she could probably explain it better than me because she likes to tell the story of how I was looking at this really pretty necklace in a store that I could actually afford, and then this song came on the sound system and I was just about to ask the salesperson a question, when I kind of tossed the necklace at her and ran out with a look of terror on my face as my kid was saying, “My mom really hates this song!”

    It’s something about her voice. Maybe it’s like those whistles only dogs can hear. Oh wait, what does that say about me?! I’m so embarrassed now, I may never be able to visit again. I know! I’ll just delete this… where’s that delete button… oh this must be it…

    • I read this first thing in the morning, so it took me a while to process, but now, LMAO, esp. at the picture of you leaving the store so as not to hear the song–I can definitely sympathize with you on that thought. Don’t be afraid to disagree–it’s sure fine with me. Thanks for reading!

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