So thanking you, spam-goons

A mere 83% of my visitors today were spam referees.  May I say again how nice it is that actual visitors stop by when they do.

I am watching a rerun of the movie “Heat” from ’95 with Pacino and Deniro while baking cookies and listening to music and stalking some of you on Facebook.  It is a quite disturbing movie.  It’s disturbing in that it would have us believe that Val Kilmer and Tom Sizemore have a purpose in life, an evil one, yes, but a purpose nonetheless.

And yes I mean that I’m watching that movie with Pacino and Deniro; they just happened to be in the area.  Talk about egos.

Please to enjoying:

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12 Responses to So thanking you, spam-goons

  1. belle says:

    Nothing better than a bit of Facebook stalking to see you through the day… Video joke coming soon to a blog near you!! 😉

    • Have always loved the term facebook-stalking; show me a person who says they haven’t looked up an old flame or an old “never-was” on there, and I’ll show you a liar. I’m breathlessly awaiting the video!

  2. gregoryno6 says:

    Heat is my favourite cops and robbers movie. I read somewhere that there is a robber in every cop and a cop in every robber, and Heat understands that.
    As for Val and Tom, well, Tom was note-perfect in Saving Private Ryan, but Val should never have put on the Batsuit.

    • Thanks for the comments. I’ve actually always thought that Val Kilmer was “cool”, and he was really good in Tombstone, I thought. Absolutely correct about Sizemore; he was great in “Ryan”. Some things I just “throw out there” for the heck of it or for a laugh, of course, but Sizemore in real life has been a wasteland for quite a while (don’t know his current rehab status) and I don’t really remember what it was that made me think that Val is “off his nut”–not being married to Joanne Whalley any more, maybe? Or did I get that one wrong? Hmm.

  3. pl holden says:

    Heat was a really good movie. And this ain’t no spam.

  4. The Hook says:

    “Heat” rocks! Spam – not so much.

  5. munira says:

    Spam-goons. Word.

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