Is anyone else getting a lot of spam referrals?

Some dipshits are referring people to me–they are obviously spammers because, if for no other reason, after I reported them to wordpress, they changed their address from:(isuckass) and (ieatshit) to:

(iamworthless) and (ishouldgetalife)

I don’t know what purpose it serves for these losers, or this loser, to refer people to me, but it sucks raw ass, and I won’t post anything new until wordpress can fix it permanently for me.  I sent them a message to get rid of anything from that php suffix or whatever, but they are still doing it today, so either wordpress is off for the weekend, or they have more important things to do.  Other than that it’s a reasonably nice day.  And other than the fact that I just don’t want morons to be using my blog for some yucky purpose, I also hate it that 50% of yesterdays views and 87% of today’s were apparently bogus. 

Have a nice day.

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15 Responses to Is anyone else getting a lot of spam referrals?

  1. PL Holden says:

    With all due respect, I think your tags might be “spam magnets”. I think they are hilarious, but I really think you might be inviting the wrong kind of traffic and when they find out you’re only a comedy blog, they get mad and send your name to a spammer or something.
    Oh, if we could only go back to the days when the only kind of spam around was the mystery meat.

    • I think you hit the nail on the head. If only I could be a “chick magnet”. I used to keep a list of the spam email “subjects” that my spam filter would block, because they were so comically vulgar and illiterate, but I think I threw the dang thing away, so that’s one blogpost I’ll never get to do, I guess.

  2. gregoryno6 says:

    Me too, about 15-20 a day from these spam sites. I submitted a couple of names to the support team and they haven’t reappeared, but like you say, they’ve probably just changed their names.
    And yes, what do they get from doing it? Apart from the pleasure making a cat’s breakfast of viewing stats – which rates as a pretty cheap thrill, I’d think.

  3. belle says:

    This has been happening to me, too!! Darn those god-damn butt munchers!! (sorry, just really want to say ‘butt munchers’! Don’t think I’ve ever said that in my life though, so your guess is a good as mine as to where the hell that came from! Lol
    Granted it hasnt been much of an annoyance to me lately though, as I have been working away at my book (“aha!” I hear you cry, “that’s where the insane woman that is commonly known as Belle has disappeared to!” – or “so what, did I ask?!” I must confess, I am rather hoping it is the former…. 😉 )
    Peace out, Homie! (another wierd thing I had an urge to write, that has never before passed my lips… Strange) x

    • belle says:

      I must apologise for the numerous grammatical errors in the above comment. I think I got a little over-excited about using words and phrases I wouldn’t normally dream of uttering on an average day 😉

      • No need to apologize; as long as people spell out most of their words and don’t use too many of the ever-annoying text abbreviations in their blog entries and comments, life is cool. Haven’t heard “butt-munchers” in a long time–it’s a great phrase.

        I know you’re busy reading and writing and “having a spot of tea” and “fancying a pint” and worrying about William and Kate and whatnot, Belle. Me–I have been so hugely uninterested in anything to do with me lately that I haven’t written or answered comments for a long time. I’ve been reading books and other people’s blogs and playing some stupid picture-find game that friends gave me for my daughter, etc etc. The spam referrers have mostly disappeared for the time being, but I do get a few people finding me by searching for “rape boobs” or “rectal exam in stirrups” or other odd things.
        Peace out, yourself!!

  4. belle says:

    Oh Kevin!! Don’t be down!!
    You should get yourself on the dreaded Facebook – we could be buddies! x

    • belle says:

      Ps: do you guys not say “fancy a pint”????
      Tea: hell yeah! I drink up to ten cups a day! I’m addicted.
      And wedding: Pah! I’m just pleased we get an extra day off work 😉

  5. My God, no, Belle, we don’t ever say “fancy a pint?” We say, “wanna go have a beer?” or “goin’ drinkin’ tonight?” or “happy hour?”, or some stupid inside term like “going to building 5 after work?” (if there’s 4 buildings in the factory complex, then the most popular bar in town is “building 5”), or, for the true nerd, hold a hand up by your ear and say, “what’s that; I think I hear a beer calling my name.”
    Tea: are you kidding–we pour coffee down our throats faster than a college freshman throws beer down his throat at keg party. I’ve been drinking some tea lately because it’s not as hard on my wussy stomach (acid reflux–not fun), but you’d laugh, because I just nuke (heat up in a microwave) a cup of water, then dip a teabag into it. I throw a little honey in because that’s supposed to soothe your throat.
    You really all get the day off because of the wedding??? At least Kate is pretty pretty; maybe if they have kids they’ll be able to breed some of that awful ugly out of the family line that Prince Charles has always had.

  6. I am doing a post about my spam comments…unbelievable. I do notice when i tag something with Porn, with which me happens fairly regularly, I get crap links…I am a stats whore though, I want it to be real readers…

    • Yeah, as soon as I look at the stats, I have to go to “view all” to see how many visits are “real.” I wrote about the fact that “<3" looked like a sideways "girl-with-a-shapely-butt-in-a-party-hat" rather than a sideways heart, and about the fact that someone at work told me "the 3 could be boobs" (in my "You're less than 3, in my book" post), and I don't think I had ever mentioned "rape" before, and now I (daily) get hits from "wild rape" or "rape boobs"??? or (earlier) "wild rape boobs".
      Speaking of spam comments, I wish I could find a list I made years ago from my "email filter" which had some really comical "subject" lines. "Get penis Bulging" was probably the closest anyone there ever got to a command of the English language.

  7. The Hook says:

    Don’t take it personally, I used to get a lot of spam as well. They’ll leave you alone sooner or later.

    • Yeah, it just bugs me to see 2 or 3 times as many readers as usual, and think I’m really striking a chord with people with this one, then seeing that I got 10 or more referrals from some totally bogus-looking URL. I suppose they’re hoping to “ride the coattails” of my blog to fame, success, and women. Yeah, that’s it.

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